Lyrics - Ephrem, Pts. 1 & 11


The windows in my car are just dying to shine 

bright with your reflections again 

God where did you go? 

or maybe it’s just me that needs to be found 


So take what…

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I worry that I won't reach my dreams before I die 

So I'll try to stay awake, I won't fall asleep 

I find myself fall in a line 

and I'm not sure if it feels good…

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I’m on the road again 

I’ve seen this place a hundred times before 

I’m drivin' the same ole car again 

But I still never know 

what’s around this next bend 

I'm on the road…

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She's scared that she might lose 

Everything she's dreamed of 

And she knew that love isn't easy 

She seeks out an answer 

Knowing of course 

That longing for love leads to remorse 


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The Moon You See

I picked up a lot of pieces I found around town 

figuring out the future talk of the sound 

Will I find it soon? 

Will I find it soon? 


Like dark corners in…

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Alone in Brooklyn

I walk on the subway, I see staring eyes 

a little late for trying, the detective knows 

I exit through the turn style 

I’m headed for a walking mile 

I walk up the stairs, head…

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